How Do You Change A Lawn Tractor Tire?

How to Change a Lawn Tractor Tire

There are a few different times at which you may have to change a lawn tractor tire. This could include a popped tire, a worn tread, or just general wear and tear over time. Changing tires can help your tractor mow more evenly, while also providing better towing ability. It may seem hard to change a tire on a riding mower, but it’s actually not as difficult as it seems.

What are the Steps to Change a Tire?

Let’s take a look at the steps it takes to change a lawn tractor tire.

Lift the Mower Up:

The first step to changing a tire is to park it on an even, flat surface. This will allow you to then use a floor jack to raise the wheel of the tractor. Once that is in place, you will want to slide the jack stands under the machine to hold it in the correct position.

Remove the Old Wheel:

To remove the old wheel, you will need to take off the debris cap and then, using pliers, remove the pin and slide the wheel off of its axel. Once this is removed, you will want to make sure you collect all of the washers. Once everything is in place and accounted for, deflate the tire and remove it from the rim.

Install the New Tire:

When installing the new tire, you will want to place it onto the rim while it is deflated. When you start to slide the tire onto the rim, you might need to use screwdrivers to get the rim to fit the wheel.

Inflate the Tire:

Once the tire is placed onto the rim, use an air compressor to inflate the tire so it holds onto the rim tightly. You should also double-check the tire pressure and make sure it is within the manufacturer’s PSI range recommendations.

Reinstall the Wheel:

Put the washers back onto the tire once it is placed on the axle. Then, replace any other pieces and put the debris cap back on.

Lower the Lawn Tractor:

Place the jack back under the frame, and raise it. Finally, remove the stand and lower the tractor to the ground.

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