How Long Should I Wait After Planting Grass to Mow My Lawn?

How to Achieve the Perfect Lawn: When to Mow After Planting Grass

Homeowners everywhere know that achieving a pristine lawn takes time, effort, and dedication. That said, not everybody knows the intricacies of this task, like how long to wait after planting grass to mow. Before starting up their mower for the first time of the season, operators should make sure their grass is dry to the touch and stands at least 3-4 inches tall. For newly planted grass, this can take about 8 weeks so patience is key!

In addition to waiting for newly planted grass to grow before mowing, homeowners should take the following factors into consideration to get their lawn exactly where they want it to be.

  • Test the pH level of the soil to make sure grass and other plants have the right foundation for growth.
  • Consider de-thatching if there is a high level of decomposed plant material underneath the grass - too much of it can bring about insects and diseases that can negatively impact the health of the lawn.
  • Use an aerator to create holes in the ground for water, oxygen, and other nutrients, such as fertilizer, to reach the soil.
  • Avoid mowing the lawn too short - no more than ⅓-inch of the grass length should be cut. While mowing lower than normal at the start of the season is okay, it is recommended that the mower deck be raised back to normal after the first couple of rounds to discourage crabgrass and encourage deep rooting.
  • Don’t throw away grass clippings after mowing the lawn! By leaving the clippings that have been scattered throughout their yard, homeowners can enjoy a natural fertilizer that breaks down in less than two weeks.

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