Atlantic Farm Mechanization Show wows New Brunswick farmers

Farm mechanization show in New Brunswick.
Farm mechanization show in New Brunswick.
Farmers and farm equipment manufacturers gathered over the weekend in Moncton, New Brunswick for the Atlantic Farm Mechanization Show, an independently run agricultural show held every other year.

The show is held biannually to allow new developments and innovations in tractors, combines and other farm machinery agricultural equipment will be the main focus of the show, the show's directors said.

Some of the exhibits focused on GPS (Global Positioning Systems) technology to monitor field conditions and make machinery adjustments instantaneously. GPS is now routinely used in the cereal grain sector and work is underway to spread the technology to other sectors such as chemical application and potato production, show organizers said.

The exhibition is intended to serve the agricultural community of the Atlantic provinces of Canada.

"The show exists solely to serve the agricultural community of the region, and focuses strictly on that objective," the directors said. "The show is managed independently, and kept focused on exhibitors who relate directly to the business of farming."

The final remaining founding director of the show, Tony Glencross, retired his position as a director of the board in 2007, after the last biannual exhibition.