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A John Deere 6190R equipped with DirectDrive was on display at the IMMA stand throughout the duration of the event.


John Deere’s DirectDrive Transmission Wins Tractor Category at IMMA

According to a recent press release, John Deere’s DirectDrive transmission was deemed the winner of the tractor category at the International Machinery Manufacturers Awards (IMMA), which were presented at Cereals 2014 in June.

The new awards show, which is being called the “Oscars for agricultural machinery,” were created by Cereals event organizer Haymarket Exhibitions to recognize companies that have produced machines that stand out from crowd by delivering a mix of innovation, cost-effectiveness, and overall value.

The panel of judges, which included individuals from the Agricultural Engineers’ Association, The Institution of Agricultural Engineers, The Royal Agricultural University and Farmers weekly, said about the cutting-edge transmission, “It’s not often that a new transmission comes along, but this one is clearly innovative. The potential for greater efficiency – and lower fuel use – is great.”

A 6190R tractor equipped with DirectDrive was on display at the IMMA stand throughout the event for attendees to see in person. The 24-speed transmission hosts Formula 1 technology on John Deere’s six-cylinder 6R Series tractor range to combine the handling comfort of an infinitely variable shift transmission (IVT) with exceptional efficiency. The transmission is designed to offer increased levels of productivity with lower fuel consumption for tasks that need continuous power, such as towing, pto work and road transport. DirectDrive is optionally available on the latest John Deere 6R Series tractors from the 140hp 6140R to the top of the range 210hp 6210R.

Deere’s DirectDrive transmission had previously been labeled as extremely fuel and time-efficient compared to other transmissions available and the recognition at the International Machinery Manufacturers Awards further backs up its reputation.