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John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group will discuss how rural property data is analyzed to recognize trends, gain insights and make intelligent business decisions.


AgroNomics Conference Providing Insight on Agricultural Technology, Economics and Data

The "AgroNomics, Vision for 2015" conference will be held October 27 to November 1, 2014 in Tucson, Arizona, delivering individuals with more knowledge about the impact of technology, economics and data on rural land management and evaluation.

Attendees will learn from a member of the John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group and others about how rural property data is analyzed in order to recognize industry trends, gain insights and make intelligent decisions. They will also discover how to utilize UAV’s in their daily appraisal and management business.

During an interview with AgWired, Fred Hepler, the President-Elect, AFM, AAC of Cottonwood Management, revealed the theme of the conference by saying, “Of course, we all like to and continue to follow economics, as it relates to agricultural operations, land values and the effect on the world economy. But, in conjunction with that, going to think a little bit outside the box and we are going to bring in technology.”

Each year, AgroNomics brings together rural property professionals and industry experts from around the country to provide the attendees with the opportunity to network with land experts, gain insights into using innovative agricultural technology, and recognize the impact that technology could have on how you managing daily operations in the future.

This event provides individuals with a better understanding of the impact that policies, regulations, investments and weather have on land value. Participants will also have a chance to learn more about data analysis and its usability in the industry, like how it can be applied to make more intelligent business decisions.

AgriNomics aims to make its attendees more knowledgeable and successful by providing the opportunity to network with well-respected and experienced rural property professionals from around the world.

This conference is part of the 85th ASFMRA (American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers) Annual Meeting, giving attendees the opportunity to participate in the Trade Show as well. Additional information is available at