Consortium promotes construction equipment management with RFID

Construction consortium to promote RFID for the industry.
Construction consortium to promote RFID for the industry.
Construction companies and contractors have begun using radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies to track construction equipment and materials as a way to improve efficiency on job sites.

Earlier this month, a group of construction management researchers has joined with construction and technology companies to promote the use of RFID and other wireless technologies within the industry.

The RFID in Construction Consortium will collaborate with the construction industry on the safe and effective use of RFID, Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), sensors and associated wireless-based technologies, the group said.

"The consortium includes some of the best talents from around the world organized to provide the construction industry with the answers they need in order to streamline and improve their current business operations for cost saving and growth strategies," said Jose Faria, the group's president.

RFID technology can significantly increase the availability of accurate information for material management as well as other field work processes, the group said.

The consortium will offer educational programs, share best practices, demonstrate support for standards and sponsor events for interested parties within the construction industry.