Farmers should check for snow on roofs

Snow on roofs could lead to damaged farm equipment.
Snow on roofs could lead to damaged farm equipment.
Too much snow accumulated on the roofs of farm buildings can lead to collapses, which could end up damaging farm equipment.

As a result, the University of Minnesota Extension is advising farmers in the state to take care of snow removal before it ruins farm equipment or hurts livestock. In a recent posting on, the extension office noted that producers should take the time to check buildings for large amounts of snow.

If farmers find that there could be a dangerous amount of snow on roofs, they should try and remove it as soon as possible. However, they should also take care when doing so, as being on a roof during this time of year is a more dangerous prospect.

"It's important to use ladders, safety ropes and take necessary precautions," the report said.

Recent snowstorms in the Midwest have made it difficult for many people, including farmers. A recent report from Oklahoma noted that ranchers in the state have had a hard time tending to their livestock because of snowfall. Furthermore, holiday-related travel was hampered by storms across the country.