Frontier Equipment adds new hay tools to equipment portfolio

A Frontier Equipment bale wrapper.
A Frontier Equipment bale wrapper.
Frontier Equipment, John Deere's complementary line of a select line of farm, commercial and consumer equipment, has introduced two inline bale wrappers and two bale carriers. Customers can use these tools to protect their large round silage bales from the weather or to quickly and easily move bales.

Frontier's LW1166 Bale Wrapper wraps four- or five-foot-wide round bales up to 66 inches in diameter for silage.

"The LW1166 is built with a Quick-Start Deck that's hydraulically operated and eliminates the need for an extra bale ramp," said Michael Horrell, Frontier marketing manager. "This makes it easy for customers to start a new row of bales. The lowered deck provides plenty of braking to keep bales stacked neat and tight."

Film sensors are standard equipment and automatically shut down the wrapping cycle when the machine runs out of film. A 13-horsepower engine and hydraulic pump provide independent power to operate the machine. High-traction implement-tires are also included to provide sure-footed grip for the machine on wet or uneven terrain.

Frontier's other new bale wrapper is the LW1266. Customers can wrap round bales in either four- or five-foot widths up to 72 inches in diameter and square bales up to five-foot six inches in length.