Green tips for your lawn and garden

Spring cleaning means tuning up the lawn mower.
Spring cleaning means tuning up the lawn mower.
This month millions of Americans began the process of cleaning up their lawns and gardens, airing out the garage and tuning up the lawn mower.

One lawn supply company is offering some tips for an eco-friendly garden and green grass.

Natural alternatives to harmful pesticides exist - consider planting some natural insect repellants like mint, which can be used to ward off ants; and garlic, which keeps Japanese beetles at bay.

A popular trend this year is the "recession garden," which is just a regular vegetable garden. An estimated 43 million people are expected to grow their own fruits, vegetables, herbs and berries this year, according to Lifetime Products.

Finally, planting a family tree in the yard can enrich your soil and provide future shade for your home, which can help you save on energy costs.

Don't forget to keep the lawn mower blades nice and sharp and the blades at the right height to keep the grass growing upright.

That old, used lawn mower blade can be replaced with a new one, or sharpened up at a garden shop or with the proper tools.