Homeowners can learn lawn maintenance from the pros

Landscapers say sharpen your lawn mower blades this spring.
Landscapers say sharpen your lawn mower blades this spring.
Now that spring is finally here, professional landscapers and lawn care specialists are advising consumers on how to get their grass back to a lush green, with tips on repairing old or used lawn mowers, eliminating weeds and repairing dead spots.

TruGreen, the nation's largest professional lawn care services provider, said lawns should always be mowed at between 2 and 2.5 inches in the spring. To get the best cut, homeowners should inspect lawn mower blades and sharpen or replace dull blades that could damage grass.

If grass is thin and the soil compacted, a mechanical aerator should be used to remove small soil plugs or cores out of the lawn.

To treat thin spots, TruGreen advises loosening the soil surface to a one-inch depth, spreading grass seed over the soil surface and lightly covering seeds with straw or seeding mulch to encourage rapid seed germination.

Of course, water is essential to keeping grass green, so lawns should be watered heavily and infrequently. Turf grass should be watered so that the soil is wet to a four inch depth.