John Deere G Series Excavators Increase Comfort and Productivity

The John Deere 50G and 60G excavators aim to increase uptime, comfort, and productivity
The John Deere 50G and 60G excavators aim to increase uptime, comfort, and productivity

John Deere & Company has recently announced the addition of two new models to their G-Series excavators that feature a wide variety of improvements, increasing uptime, comfort, and overall productivity for operators. This is according to a company press release.

According to the release, the John Deere 50G and John Deere 60G excavator models, are particularly well-suited for the rental, commercial/residential building, landscaping, and site development segments. Both new models feature an innovative wider door design for improved entry and visibility to the left hand side of the machine. For increased uptime, Deere added a third service door to each model to provide improved access to the cooling core. The cores are positioned side-by-side versus being stacked in-line for increased performance.

The 50G and 60G also offer a new multifunction monitor which provides a coolant temperature and fuel gauge, clock, two trip meters, regeneration inhibit, auto shut down control, and machine hour display.

Mark Wall, product marketing manager for excavators, John Deere Construction & Forestry, says in the release, "These new machines continue to expand on the success of John Deere's larger line of G-Series excavators. We continue to implement customer-inspired features such as a widened and lengthened cab for improved operator comfort and a Final Tier 4 solution offering a seamless operation experience with no interruption. And like our other compacts, our two largest models excel in close-quarters work and are easy to transport."