John Deere turf care hits a home run

Ballpark grass upkeep is an important part of baseball.
Ballpark grass upkeep is an important part of baseball.
Ranging from mowers to a turf Gator vehicle, the grounds care manager for the Durham Bulls baseball team, Scott Strickland, has John Deere equipment at the ready for maintenance of the minor league club's home field. According to Durham's Herald-Sun, Strickland is the crew's one all-year staff member - to accompany two other full-timers and about 10 seasonal employees.

Having studied turf care at North Carolina State University and having assisted his family with mowing their lawn as a youngster, Strickland is singularly experienced to run the grounds crew at the Tampa Bay Rays affiliate, reported the news source.

Strickland cuts the outfield grass with a John Deere 7200 Precision Cut Trim and Surrounds Mower, tends the infield dirt with a rake attached to a turf Gator, and hauls gear for batting practice with a larger Gator, noted the media outlet.

For maintaining healthy and trimmed turf on the golf course or at the ballpark, John Deere provides equipment for your property's grass. The company's website states that the Gator TX Turf, for example, features a 13 horse-power gas engine, a cargo area with a flat-bed configuration, and the ability to tow 1000 pounds on flat ground.