Pennsylvania announces funds for road construction

Highway construction funds should boost the industry.
Highway construction funds should boost the industry.
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation released its final list of federally funded highway and bridge projects under the recovery act, which provided $1.026 billion that should benefit contractors and construction equipment manufacturers in the state.

State transportation secretary Allen D. Biehler said the additional funding, on top of the state's previously allocated funding, raises to almost $3 billion the amount of highway and bridge work across the state in 2009.

Governor Edward G. Rendell's administration said the funds are job-creating transportation infrastructure investments.

"We will work with contractors and the Federal Highway Administration to get the work started as quickly as possible to get people working and material orders flowing," Biehler said. "Tens of thousands of jobs and the state's economic recovery are riding on our efforts and we simply will not fail the people of Pennsylvania."

Bridge investments in Pennsylvania have grown to approximately $1 billion in the state this year, up from just $259 million in 2003.

The American recovery and Reinvestment Act includes funding for more than $27 billion in state transportation construction projects nation-wide.