Plant a tree and keep used tractor decks high as summer wanes

Now may be a good time to consider planting a tree.
Now may be a good time to consider planting a tree.
As the summer comes to a close, some homeowners may want to consider how to get their yard ready for winter.

A recent report in South Dakota's Argus Leader noted that fall is a good time to consider planting a tree, especially since garden centers may have them on sale. Along with buying a plant that looks healthy, the paper said homeowners should make sure they take into account how much it has left to grow before picking a planting spot.

"Dig the planting hole deep enough and wide enough for the root ball, and water well after planting," the paper said.

Meanwhile, trees that are already on a property may be facing some difficulties given the head experienced across the country. Experts have noted that having a bed of mulch around a tree can help keep its roots cool.

While the summer is still making itself known, watering will continue to be a concern for lawn owners. Furthermore, keeping the cutting deck on a used mower at 3 inches could help shade grass root systems, which will help deal with any remaining heat in the season.