Program provides lawn care for Maryland military family

Military families may be able to get some help with their lawn.
Military families may be able to get some help with their lawn.
Many people may have used lawn mowers to care for their own yards, though a recent report highlights the fact that some business are doing the same for military families in the country.

According to a story from the Annapolis Capitol, a family in Maryland is receiving help through the GreenCare for Troops program, which provides lawn care for members of the military who are on duty overseas. James Pluta, who is a major in the Marines, is currently stationed in Japan, and his family is getting help from a local landscaping company.

Originally, Pluta had asked his neighbors to help out with the outdoor duties, though his wife Becky felt as though caring for the lawn for such a long time might be asking too much. As a result, the neighbors contacted Project Evergreen, which runs the GreenCare program.

Tom and Brandi Eckert, owners of Seasonal Changes Lawn and Landscapes, eventually started taking care of the Pluta's property.

"I just can't express how much it means to have someone to help us with our lawn," Becky Pluta told the paper.

According to the GreenCare for Troops website, more than 9,000 military families have been signed on to the program, which has tapped the services of more than 2,400 volunteers.