Removing too much grass with used tractor can damage lawn

Trimming too much grass in one pass can hurt a lawn.
Trimming too much grass in one pass can hurt a lawn.
Taking a used tractor out to mow a lawn may be one of the main ways in which homeowners take care of their properties.

However, doing so improperly can lead to a damaged lawn. Recently, the Florida Times-Union published some tips regarding how a mower should be used when taking care of a property.

The primary error that used tractor owners make is cutting their lawn too short, the paper said. Doing so could lead to more weeds at root systems that are not protected against the effects of the sun.

Furthermore, the paper suggested that people not trim more than one-third of their lawn's height during every outing with a used tractor.

"Removing too much at one cutting will stress the lawn and contribute to thatch problems," the Times-Union said.

Another tip the paper offered was to make sure that tractor blades are properly sharpened. Having a dull deck could lead to grass being torn out of the ground rather than cut cleanly.

When determining a tractor's mowing height, experts advise that owners adjust their machines while they are on a flat surface because doing so is more accurate.