Safety earmuff can cut down farm equipment noise

Using noisy equipment without protection causes hearing loss.
Using noisy equipment without protection causes hearing loss.
Farmers, landscapers and construction workers who worry about noise-induced hearing loss caused by loud equipment may want to check out the active noise reduction (ANR) safety earmuff produced by Pro Tech Technologies, or similar products.

Experts warn that noise-induced hearing loss can result from overexposure to loud farm equipment and construction equipment and even from listening to music players at too loud a level.

The NoiseBuster ANR safety earmuff is designed to cut down noise from equipment such as lawn mowers, loaders, skid steers, chain saws, blowers and other types of noisy machines, the company said.

To improve safety and limit hearing loss, the ANR safety earmuff combines an ANSI-rated 26NRR passive earmuff with noise reduction electronics that deliver an additional 20 decibels of low-frequency noise attenuation, according to a release.

For workers who want to listen to music without worrying about additional hearing damage, the product also includes a special audio input feature and cord for MP3 players.

In addition to hearing loss, prolonged exposure to noise is known to cause fatigue, anxiety, depression, loss of concentration, reduced productivity, headaches and high blood pressure, the company said.