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Scientists working on grasses resistant to droughts

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Researchers are trying to create grass that would better withstand droughts.
Researchers are trying to create grass that would better withstand droughts.

People who have used tractors on their lawns know the kind of damage a lack of rain can have on grass.

However, a recent story in the Los Angeles Times notes there are researchers out there who are working on developing grasses that do not need as much water. The paper said that droughts in areas of the country, along with water restrictions put forward by governments, make the work of the turf scientists that much more poignant.

For example, the University of California at Riverside is developing grasses that will require less water. Jim Baird, who is a turfgrass specialist at the university, told the paper that he hopes the types of grass he is developing will blanket future lawns in the country.

"My colleagues say I'm crazy," Baird told the Times. "But it doesn't hurt to dream."

Through his work, Baird is working to combine grasses that are more drought-resistant with others that exhibit the kind of green color Americans want from their lawns.

In order to help their lawns for next year, people may take additional steps in the fall. For example, planting grass early can help it get a head start on the weeds and bugs that may appear in the spring and summer.

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