Spreading manure also being delayed by wet weather

Wet weather is making it difficult to get manure out in fields.
Wet weather is making it difficult to get manure out in fields.
Along with wet fields delaying harvesting equipment, producers may also be limited in their ability to apply manure to their land.

According to a recent report from the Purdue University extension, farmers in the Midwest have been trying to put manure down in a speedy fashion in order to try and beat the ground freezing or being covered with snow. Tamilee Nennich, who is the dairy management specialist for the extension, said that dry fields present the ideal condition for spreading out manure.

"Once we start having freezing soils and snow cover, application of manure needs to stop because of the greater potential for manure run-off," Nennich said. "During this time it can be especially risky."

Wet weather has plagued certain areas of the country, causing many farmers to not be able to get their crops out of the ground. Farmers across the country have experienced the delays, with the wet weather presenting conditions that could lead to farm equipment damaging fields. Furthermore, the moist weather could end up ruining crop through blight.