Thefts prompt Louisiana sheriff to remind residents to be mindful of used tractors, other equipment

Owners in Louisiana should keep an eye on their equipment.
Owners in Louisiana should keep an eye on their equipment.
Used tractors and other pieces of machinery, such as construction equipment, may be the targets of thefts seen in the vicinity of Eunice, Louisiana.

According to Lafayette's The Daily Advertiser, the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office is telling residents in the area that they should keep a close eye on their belongings. The department has received a number of complaints lately about thefts, including those affecting residences and commercial properties.

Sheriff Wayne Melancon said that people in the area should make sure they keep homes locked while also keeping their used tractors and other machinery safe. Furthermore, people who witness suspicious activity are encouraged to contact his office and report it.

Equipment thefts have become more popular across the country, a trend that may be attributable to recent economic difficulties.

Along with trying to sell the machines to unsuspecting buyers, thieves are also focused on trying to steal various forms of metal, including copper and aluminum, because of their high value. Construction sites and farms have been targeted in various cases.