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The 2014 World of Corn report shows that American farmers were very busy on the corn fields last year.


NCGA Updates ‘World of Corn’ Report to Reflect 2014 Statistics

The National Corn Growers Association updated its “World of Corn” report on March 2, detailing the domestic and global production of corn in 2014, as well as usage rates.

The U.S. produced approximately 14.2 billion bushels of the crop in 2014. Iowa and Illinois topped the list of states in production, each surpassing the 2.3 billion mark.

“America’s corn farmers worked tirelessly in 2014 to grow a record crop,” NCGA President Chip Bowling and Chief Executive Officer Chris Novak wrote in the report’s introduction. “The unparalleled abundance has positive implications for every American. From a driver filling up a car to a shopper buying wholesome, nutritious for a family, the incredible innovation in American agriculture improves lives across the country.”

Approximately 90.6 million acres of corn were planted in 2014, and 83.1 million acres were harvested. The average price of a bushel during the year totaled $3.65.

The “World of Corn” report also looked at how much corn was used for ethanol and dried distillers grains (DDG). About 5.17 million bushels were produced, making it the largest year on record dating back to 1984. In 2013, approximately 5.13 million bushels were produced for ethanol and DDG.

The National Corn Growers Association notes in the “World of Corn” that ethanol continues to contribute to local jobs to rural communities while reducing the environmental impact of traditional fuels.

A digital version of the “World of Corn” report can be found on the NCGA website. In addition to ethanol and corn production statistics, the report features data on the biotech use of corn and consumption rates around the globe.